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  1. Noboru's Journal

    Mr.Eguma will Go to Vietnam

    Vice President Mr.Arai, Mr.Eguma(my partner engineer in Panasonic project),and…

  2. Noboru's Journal


    On coming Wednesday, my company will hold a seminar for engineers at the headqua…

  3. Noboru's Journal

    My Routine in Beverages

    I have a tumbler at my workplace.In the morning, I filled the tumbler with C…

  4. Noboru's Journal

    The First day of the Month.

    Today is the first day of the month. It's a busy day for me.My company has a…

  5. Noboru's Journal

    Got a Call from a Reporter

    I got a call from a reporter of an e-commerce newspaper.The reporter visited…

  6. Noboru's Journal

    The Timing to Pitch a Press Release

    I checked my media list today.My media list is mainly composed of contact li…

  7. Noboru's Journal

    Labor Thanksgiving Day, Tee ball baseball,and Jogg…

    I had three-day weekend since it was Labor Thanksgiving Day on Monday.…

  8. Noboru's Journal

    What’s Wrong?

    Club Panasonic,one of our clients'site for members, had stopped for its maintena…

  9. Noboru's Journal

    Good Job

    After coming into office, I usually check a business newspaper before morning as…

  10. Noboru's Journal

    Discussed the Possibility

    Yesterday, a Panasonic team member called me and talked their idea to activate g…

  11. Noboru's Journal

    Display Got Cracked

    In the morning, when I was leaving home, I dropped my smartphone at the entrance…

  12. Noboru's Journal

    Akihabara Revisit

    Today I visited Akihabara for a business meeting.You can see Akihabara on th…

  13. Noboru's Journal

    The General Meeting of the Company

    Today I attended the annual meeting of my company.The CEO stated that my sec…

  14. Noboru's English sentences Patterns

    … is worth ~ing 

    … is worth ~ing …には~する価値があるIt is worth while visiting / to visit Paris.w…

  15. Noboru's English sentences Patterns

    prefer A to B

    prefer A to B むしろ(…の)ほうを好む比較の対象に「動詞」を置くこともできます。その場合は「to+動詞の原形(to不定詞)」を「prefe…

  16. Noboru's English sentences Patterns

    It seems like~ 

    今回は「~みたい」と言う英語フレーズの「It seems like~」を覚えます。「It seems like~」は、ある程度の期間(長い期間でもOK)、観…

  17. Noboru's English sentences Patterns

    can’t help -ing ~せずにはいられない

    "~せずにはいられない"を英語で表すには、"can't help -ing"を用います。help=avoid(避ける)実は、この句は自分の意志で…

  18. Noboru's English sentences Patterns

    can afford to ~

    can afford to ~ 「~する(経済的・時間的・心理的)余裕がある、~するのに困らない」I can afford to take a 2-we…

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