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Good Job

After coming into office, I usually check a business newspaper before morning assembly.

Today I found an article related to the area of my company and a signature of the reporter there.
The reporter’s name is new to me.

In the afternoon, I called him in the newspaper company and explained the outline of my company’s service and focusing on establishing CRM(Customer Relation Management) to increase lifetime value for our customers.

Added to this, I emailed him, too. He is a new target to me in a sense.
I am going to follow him for media exposure in the near future.

Oh, by the way, in the evening, Mr. shouted “ROAR!” and paused for a moment.
Then, he smiled happily .

I said, “Hey, what happened?”

He answered “I went for the cut-rate price of human resources company on recruiting fee for mid-career workers.

They said no before. However, I just got an email that says they give us a 100,000JPY discount!”

I said not “ROAR!” but “Good Job”. Hahaha….


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