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The Timing to Pitch a Press Release

I checked my media list today.

My media list is mainly composed of contact lists for newspapers and internet media
since have mainly been targeting them.

Then, I thought I could add other contacts….magazines related to business.


Actually, I feel it cumbersome procedure to gain exposure on magazines.
First of all, I need to know people in magazines there.

Then, I have to know at least their one-year plan.

Otherwise, all the trials will come to nothing.

The timing to pitch a press release or information to people related to magazines is quite important.

It is easy and quick for me to gain media exposure on newspapers and the internet media.

Anyway, I checked contact information of a few magazines and called them.

Although I can’t get the quick result through this activity, it is important for me to cultivate new media relations.

That’s why I did today…hahaha.

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