about Noboru

Noboru Akuzawa was born in Japan in 1973. He studied at the University of Birmingham in the UK as a Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholar and got a master degree. He is a public relations specialist in corporate marketing, branding, media relations, and internal communications. On the other hand, he started teaching Japanese through the internet in 2016. He offers an original Japanese language learning method with a combination of Sentence Pattern Method and Read Aloud Method.

Official Textbooks / paperback

Official Textbooks / ebook

  1. Japanese Sentence Patterns

    【JLPT N1★にしたって (ni shitatte): even, even…
  2. Noboru's Journal

    Finally Launched the New Website.
  3. Japanese Sentence Patterns

    【JLPT N2★に向かって (ni mukatte): towards, to…
  4. Japanese Sentence Patterns

    【JLPT N2★たところで (ta tokoro de): even if o…
  5. Japanese Sentence Patterns

    【JLPT N2★ということは (to iu koto wa): that is…