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Film Editing Environment

Sometimes I need editing movie for my company.

I made 6~7 movies so far for 4 years. However, I was suffered from making the latest one in September last year.

Although my company provided me a good desktop PC for designing use, it was
not enough specification for editing movies… (Its OS still windows vista!)

In addition, recently I feel we need to utilize movies effectively not only for company’s events but also for public relations and marketing.
That would bring messages more impact if we use them properly….

Therefore, I talked to CEO(Chief Technical Officer ) about it in December last year.

Yesterday he finally provided me a new desktop PC. I was a little busy setting a new PC for work on the day.


Today I edited 2 minutes short movie with the PC.

I found there was no stress to publish movies ( It took an age to publish for 10 minutes movies…)

So, I’m happy with that..hahaha…how simple guy I am!

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