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Labor Thanksgiving Day, Tee ball baseball,and Jogging

I had three-day weekend since it was Labor Thanksgiving Day on Monday.

My family took part in tee batting baseball class on Sunday. Tee batting baseball is a basic baseball for kids. We can hit the ball on the tee.

2015-11-22 18.09.28

The teachers were professional baseball players in my city. Therefore, it is a nice opportunity to take lessons from professionals for kids. In addition, my 8 years old son likes playing baseball very much. He seemed to enjoy it a lot.


On Monday early in the morning around 5:30, I jogged with my daughter for the first time. Last year she came 12th out of 50 girls in the same grade in a school marathon.

A few days ago, she said to me.

“Dad, I would like to get a better position in the race than I came last year. What should I do?”

So, I told her.

“I guess only a few students practice for the race. If you practice a little, it will be not so hard to achieve your goal . At least, you can come a better position than last year.”

“Could you go jogging with me?” Then, she said.

So, I jogged around for 15 minutes.    After coming home, I woke my son up.

Then, he said ” Why didn’t you wake me up?  I wanted to go jogging with you!”

This morning, I woke both of them. They jogged without me.

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