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Akihabara Revisit

Today I visited Akihabara for a business meeting.

You can see Akihabara on this video.

To tell the truth, I had a part time at a hotel in Akihabara as a receptionist from 1996 to 1998.

So, the city name, Akihabara, sometimes brings me back memories.

After the meeting, I walked around for a while.

Every time I visit Akihabara, I find it changes a lot. That always surprises me.

I also felt the area became much more complicated than before (1996-1999).

I guess the situation that Akihabara is a key site for Japanese popular culture makes the city always change a lot since the city is like a cultural experimental laboratory.

Somehow I found the hotel where I worked before.

The hotel building is perfectly changed or renovated. The appearance changed from the brown brick with white tile.

Anyway, I reminisced about my old days at the hotel.

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