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Discussed the Possibility

Yesterday, a Panasonic team member called me and talked their idea to activate game users.

My company provides around 10 games for Panasonic member’s website.

The Panasonic team wants to give users incentive points in response to the frequency of previous game period.

I talked about this to the CEO and Vice President Mr.Arai in the morning.
Then, Mr.Arai, Mr.Kimura(a young Genius programmer) ,Mr.Eguma and I had a meeting.


We discussed the possibility that Panasonic adopts DMP(Data Management Platform) and how we contribute to Panasonic. In our DMP, we have accumulated the data about the game score, frequency of participation, goods purchase of users in games which my company has provided many clients.

However, we haven’t offered this system to Panasonic yet.

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