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Chaotic Situations by Snow

When I opened the curtain in the morning, I noticed that we had snow. The snow was already 10cm thick from the ground in my yard.


We had snow around Tokyo area where I live.

Public transportation in Japan is generally pretty punctual.However,it is pretty weak to snow. Snow changes the situation dramatically.

I got on the train at the nearest station to my house for the workplace as usual. Normally it takes around 50 minutes. However, it took 1 hour 40 minutes!

Besides, the train was unbelievably crowded! Fortunately, I’m kind of tall guy(180cm tall). Thus, I found a space to read a book…. Otherwise, I couldn’t stand it!

The snow falling stopped around noon.When I went out of my office building after work. There is only some snow….

Having snow is alway good and bad. Snow makes scenery beautiful. On the other hand, it sometimes brings chaotic situations…

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