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An Interesting Subject

Today my colleague and my friend, Mr.Eguma, left Japan to Vietnam.

At lunch time, I opened my lunchbox at a break room alone.

Since I used to have lunch with him by last week, I missed him.

Mr.Saito happened to join me.

He is in charge of finance and accounting.

He looks pretty young ..around 25.

However, he is around 30 years old.

Interestingly he never brings up a subject.

So, I asked him several questions about his work and his weekends.

In the questions, he answered he had had pain on his foot.

So, I asked the reason.

He was severely kicked by his friend when he played futsal on rooftop futsal court on the Yokohama station.


I sometimes go there. However, I didn’t know that there is a sports court over the head!

So, finally, he brought up an interesting subject to me…hahaha

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