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Reading out loud is the core of my language study methods

When you learn a language, how do you do it?

Reading out loud is the core of my language study methods.

I have three go-to methods learning a language.

The first method is to read out loud a group of sentences with a common grammatical structure. I read one or two group of sentences out loud every morning. I usually read out loud each group around 10 or 20 times. This is an essential method for me to learn English. Before practicing this method, I was significantly bad at speaking English. But I feel alright now not only in speaking but only writing.

Now I have several students learning Japanese. I basically share this method with them in Japanese learning.

The second method is to read an article out loud to build vocabulary. I always measure the time from the beginning to the end. It takes around a few or several minutes to finish reading it. I usually read the same article out loud a few times in the morning. I have more than 50 articles in various genres to read out loud. I always try to memorize a word as not as an independent sign but a sign embedded in a context. Otherwise, it is easy for me to forget and it becomes hard to recall it. Yes, I try to remember words embedded in a story.

The third method is to write a journal in the language being learned. I write one or two journals each week. Though I started to keep simple diary a few years ago, I can write longer sentences to describe stories now.

I do the first and second methods every morning since my kids also study mathematics and English.

I also write a journal after work on the train home.


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