Noboru's Journal

Preparation for Handoff

I wrote out my responsibilities in my current company on a blank paper. Then, I rediscovered that there had been so many and various tasks, projects, and roles which I had undertaken under the name of Corporate Planning Division.


I joined the company 4 years and 4 months ago as the first member of the division. My mission here was has been basically to solve business challenges.

In the beginning, I suffered from in them since I was lacking experiences. Then, graduallyI became more able to handle them somehow. I guess I did a good job in public relations since it was my field of expertise. However, I’m not sure whether I have contributed enough to the company in other areas or not.

Anyway, I can say that I learned many things through various kinds of work experience in the company.

I need to focus on preparation for handoff for a while.

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