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Since today is the first business day of the month, we had a monthly meeting this morning at Tokyo Headquarters office relaying an image to Kyoto laboratory and Okinawa brunch. I took pictures during the meeting.

After the meeting, to begin with, I pulled picture and movie files together . Then, wrote an article about the meeting very quickly. Finally, I started off with editing a short movie.

Since I didn’t have much time, I skipped adding subtitles with the movie.

On the other hand, attempted adding basic format tucking corporate logo before and after the movie.


Though I was not satisfied with the clip, I needed to upload to complete my article within working time.

Next time I will put subtitles on it and make a better one!

You can see the article and a movie which I uploaded on the company’s blog.


Anyway, I finished my work for today and feel good.

How are you?

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