Japanese Sentence Patterns

【JLPT N4★かた (kata) “how to”】

Meaning: how to (the way to do something)

Verb-ますstem + かた (方)

Take the ~ます form of a verb minus the ます and then add かた.


日本語 / にほんご / Japanese


英語 / えいご / English
(1) Please tell me how to use chopsticks correctly.
(2) Please tell me how to get on the subway.
(3) Please tell me how to get to Shinjuku.
(4) Please tell me how to read this kanji.
(5) Please tell me how to make ramen.
(6) I do not know how to play this game.
(7) His way of thinking may have changed after traveling to Kyoto.


ひらがな / Hiragana


ローマ字 / Roman letters
(1) Hashi no tadashī tsukaikata o oshiete kudasai.
(2) Chikatetsu no nori-kata o oshiete kudasai.
(3) Shinjuku e no ikikata o oshiete kudasai.
(4) Kono kanji no yomikata o oshiete kudasai.
(5) Rāmen no tsukurikata o oshiete kudasai.
(6) Kono gēmu no asobikata ga wakaranai.
(7) Kyōto e tabi shita nochi, kare no kangaekata wa kawatta kamo shirenai.

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