Japanese Sentence Patterns

【Question★どこ (doko) “where”】 

日本語 / にほんご / Japanese

英語 / えいご / English
(1) Where is your house?
(2) Where is your company?
(3) What city are you from?
(4) Where did you buy that book?
(5) Where were you yesterday?
(6) Where are you going to go tomorrow?
(7) Where will you go on a trip during the winter vacation?

ひらがな / Hiragana

ローマ字 / Roman letters
(1) Anata no ie wa dokodesu ka.
(2) Anata no kaisha wa doko ni arimasu ka.
(3) Anata wa doko no machi no shusshindesu ka.
(4) Anata wa sono-hon o doko de kaimashita ka
(5) kinō, anata wa doko ni imashita ka.
(6) Ashita, anata wa doko ni iku yotei desuka.
(7) Fuyuyasumi-chū, anata wa doko ni ryokō e ikimasu ka.

MichaelGaida / Pixabay

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