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How to Manage Priorities of Tasks? That’s the question.

Several days ago I asked a young engineer to switch one small banner on the corporate website to a new one which I made.

Today I found out that there was still an old banner there. So, I asked him about it.

“I recognized it.” “I put it on my to-do list,”  he said. ” But, I have too many tasks to cover.” He showed me so many small colorful Post-its on his desk. It was like a poor taste carpet.

“Why are you keeping so many tasks?”I said quietly, ” If I were you, I will would immediately complete a small task like the one I asked you the other day. Then, I would try to focus on difficult or time-consuming tasks since I don’t want to stock so many tasks like this. It would give me pressure and would make me sick.”

“Oh,” he said. However, I’m not sure he understood what I meant.


I believe that priority management is part of stress management. I probably need to explain it to him more in detail in the near future. I hope he realizes its importance by himself.

Well, it’s great weather in Tokyo. The maximum temperature is 23 degrees Celsius! It seems like the Sakuras are full in bloom. I must say, spring has come!

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