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I enjoy a variety of ethnic foods

I enjoy a variety of ethnic foods. One of the best ethnic food is Mexican for to me. I go to the Mexican restaurant on my birthday with my family every year.

Recently I have been into “Mi Goreng”.

I found it at a supermarket which belonged to the biggest supermarket network in Japan. It was a pot noodle. So, it was not a decent dish served in a restaurant but instant food. The “Mi Goreng” pot noodle was produced by the supermarket network.

I bought it from motives of curiosity and without much expectation. However, when I ate it , I found it spicy and delicious. I like spicy food, anyway.

2016-08-14 12.55.00

I even checked it on the Internet. It Is from Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

I have tried Mi Goreng only in a pot noodle.

So, I should try real Mi given at a decent Asian restaurant.

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