Noboru's Journal

Fighting with Cold

I fought with coldness in 2015 for the first time. It was the winter that I started to ride on a scooter for commuting to my workplace( I used to work at a university in my city at the time) .

When I rode on the scooter in winter, I really needed to protect myself from wind and coldness. Otherwise, I couldn’t survive through winter.

So, I researched the ways to fight with coldness. Then, I found “breaththermo” scientific fabric which gives us warmth.

I bought clothing, socks, and gloves featuring breaththermo. Then, I got overcome coldness.

Last year, we had cold winter. At the end of the winter, I pledged myself fight with coldness again not only during a ride on a scooter but also in usual life scenes!

So, I carefully researched the fighting weapon? with coldness. I found several scientific fabrics to make us warm. I chose one called ” Thinsulate” . I timidly bought one Chester coat at the end of last year and tested it carefully. My conclusion of the test is that this fabric gives enough warmth.

After that, I bought a pair of glove and a pea coat featuring Thinsulate. Although it is the coldest days in Tokyo , I can say I’m comfortable outside.


I think I am winning in the fight with coldness this yeah…hahaha.

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