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I noticed there was a Youtube channel of my company which I opened a few years ago… . I have been using it only as a movie storage space. I have been just lazy…

I thought, however, it was not so bad idea to start pulling the channel into shape since there were more than 15 clips I made. If I make it a better one, my company can use it for the branding purpose.

Also, I am going to edit more clips for my company since my company provides a not so bad editing surrounding for me.

Therefore, I started to tidy up the channel by putting the cooperate logo and laying out clips.

I quickly learned how to do it although it is still in the process.

Actually, I really enjoyed it.

The channel is following URL:

I should upload more clips tomorrow and change it more….

By the way, it’s not so cold in Tokyo. The maximum temperature is 13 degrees Celsius. I managed to walk outside without gloves.


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