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Health Check

This morning I visited a health check center. Most companies in Japan pay health checks fee for their employees once a year.

I could be lacking exercise. I do exercise for only 10 minutes a day with my kids in the morning. However, I walk at a minimum for an hour a day for commuting. I consider it not so bad.

Therefore, I don’t worry about my health condition so much. Although I used to have a back pain for more than 10 years, it went away from me around 2 years ago.

I can say that I basically enjoy my good health and appreciate it.

Before the health checks, we need to fast with no food for 12 hours. Therefore, I’m looking forward to having lunch after that. Last year I went a Thai food restaurant after health checks since I really like ethnic food. Today I made a list of ethnic restaurants near the heath checks center. I was supposed to visit an Indian food restaurant.


However, the health check center offered us free lunch and coffee after the health checks. Then, I remembered that my company switched a health insurance society into a better one.
Although I missed utilizing my ethnic food restaurant list, I enjoyed nice lunch there.

By the way, it is getting warmer in Tokyo. The maximum temperature today was 19 degrees Celsius. My favorite temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius in the maximum temperature. So, I can say it was a nice weather.

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