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Making a Website

On last Friday Mr. Asano, the Development Optimiser asked if I could make a kind of landing page for recruiting designers and engineers.

I said ” Probably I can do it. But, I need more information to do so. ”

To tell the truth, two designers left my company last week. Now we have only one designer…. I assumed that the designer was full of tasks for clients.

In addition, I was in the similar situation before. After only one designer left my former company, I undertook the most of the design work though I was a public relations manager.

Yesterday, Mr. Asano and I had a 30 minutes meeting. I made sure what he wanted.

This morning I started off making it and almost completed until this evening.


Although I haven’t finished it yet, I shared the link in working with Mr.Asano.

When he checked it, he was glad and appreciate it.

Well, though I’m not a professional designer, I enjoyed making it today since making websites used to be one of my hobbies.

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