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Visited the Office of Panasonic

I visited the office of Panasonic. I had the first meeting after Mr.Eguma, my partner engineer in Panasonic project, left Japan for Vietnam on January 12th.


I brought a laptop there to connect to Mr.Eguma in Vietnam via a web meeting service during the meeting.

However, it didn’t work….I couldn’t even get the Internet connection there although I brought a wifi device from the office…I guess that the Internet security of Panasonic is too strong to do so.

So, I just called Mr.Eguma and told that I should deal the meeting without him.

I was the only person from my company. On the other hand, there were 4 members inPanasonic team. I felt a bit lonely…hahaha

Anyway, the meeting went well. In the end of the meeting, I asked them to get a nice meeting room where we can have a video chat with people overseas next time. Then, they agreed with me and told that they have a special room for such kind of the purpose.

Thus, I may visit their special room in the near future. Maybe all facilities and devices of the room are made by Panasonic… I might see a Panasonic desk, chair, and a white board…..hahaha

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