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The Second Day in My New Company

Yesterday was the second day in my new company.

I had the first meeting with the CEO. Before the meeting, I carefully prepared for the documents I would need. Actually,  To be honest, I was a little nervous.

In the meeting, I made sure to tell him about several public relations projects I had in mind.  agendas in my public relations tasks. Although he ordered me a few things, it seemed that the CEO didn’t care much about small things.

He said to me “you can do what you consider good for the company.” I was glad to hear that since I can focus on building my PR plan and practicing it.

2016-05-16 15.46.42

One of my urgent tasks to a PR manager is to redesign the corporate website. It is pretty out of date. In addition, we can’t see it on mobile phones. I will have the first meeting about redesigning it.

I feel so far so good.

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