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Trip to Hanoi, Vietnam

I left Japan for Hanoi on May 6th and come came back to Japan at the night on  of May 11th.

I had actually imagined that most Vietnamese people would speak English since my Vietnamese friends can speak English without any troubles. However, that I was wrong.

I understood that m Most of the people there didn’t speak English. Therefore, sometimes it was quite hard to communicate with them, especially taxi drivers.

When I asked them to follow the route on google map on my phone, they usually didn’t follow it. Afterwards, my friend told me that most of them didn’t know how to read a map. In addition, if they took a wrong ways and charged an extra fee by for that, they never neither apologize for it and  nor discount the extra one. It was quite annoying to me. I was quite annoyed.

So, when I returned to the airport, I used an uber instead of a Taxi. That was much better.


2016-05-07 13.16.36

On May 8th, I visited a leather item studio where we could make exactly what we wanted. I made a leather book jacket. The material leather price was extremely less expensive cheap. Although it took around 5 hours to finish it, it was really fun.

By the way, the streets in Hanoi City was were unbelievably full of motorcycles! I was overwhelmed by a tremendous impact on a chaotic and you-are-there feeling.


On May 9th & 10th, I borrowed a motorcycle from my friend and took a motorbike tour in the Hanoi downtown area by myself among countless motorbikes. I was bit excited during the ride. The ride was a bit exciting. I guess that It helped me to understand part of the real life of Vietnamese people.

2016-05-09 20.05.27

2016-05-07 06.31.13

The food there was excellent for an ethnic  food lover foodie like me since there were so many kinds of Vietnamese food. My friend introduced me nice restaurants and roadside food vendors. Actually, I don’t remember all the names of dishes which I had during my stay except for pho (rice noodle and broth) and Banh mi(Sandwich with French bread). Anyway, I really enjoyed the food there!

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