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Preperation for the Office Seminer

The daily maximum temperature is 12 degrees Celcius . So, it’s mild weather today. I felt good on my way home to office.

During business hours, I mainly prepared for a next week’s seminar at the office.
Well, I’m not the one who delivers a lecture. I am inviting an outside professional person to the office to deliver the lecture.

My work today is not so hectic. I even found the time to try to use the newly installed application to my PC.

The application is Adobe Indesign. Actually, I used to teach university students how to edit magazines with it at an old school.

Although nobody has been interested in Indesign in my company , I simply asked the CEO to install it into my PC last week and luckily got it.

I made a digest of the seminar which I started and have charge.


Next week we’ll have the 27 the seminar.

Anyway, it didn’t take much time to make it. I really enjoyed editing it.

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