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5 Job Interviews a Day!

I had day off and 5 job interviews yesterday !

1 : Workday ( 2nd interview: language- English)
2 : I&S BBOD ( 1st: Japanese)
3 :Maritime Stewardship council, Japan Office ( 1st: Japanese)
4: Accenture (1st: Japanese)
5: International committee of Red Cross ( Final: English & Japanese)


Those were international organizations or foreign companies since I believe I can improve my English capability in those working environment.

I enjoyed most interviews except for Accenture. The interviewers of the company were not friendly although I don’t describe it in detail.

Today I got email from one organization(3) and one company(2) that invited me to the second interview.

Also, I’m waiting for a few other interviews.

I’m still not sure whether I may move to a new working place or stay at my present company.

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