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Editing a Short Clip

During work time today I edited a short clip about the lecture last Wednesday since the lecturer asked me to delete part of it. Then, I shared a new clip with him via email and got a permission to open to the public.

In addition, I wrote an article about the lecture and posted it and the clip on the company’s blog.
「DMP超入門」小澤 昇歩講師 (第27回) ・ Phalanx Press

「DMP超入門」小澤 昇歩講師 (第27回 ファランクス・フォーラム)


It was warm yesterday. The maximum temperature was 20 degrees Celsius.

I thought Spring finally had come.

However, it’s cold today. The maximum temperature is 10 degrees Celsius.

I just hope spring will come soon….


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