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Sales Documents

I undertook to make sales documents better.

The CEO wants sales members to sell service to meet needs of customers.

Although the company’s business covers three area including CRM(Customer Relationship Management ), Web advertisement, and TV direct marketing, existing documents only cover one of them.
Therefore, I put three business together in one document.

Also, I found that there was almost no rule to edit sales documents except for using the same standard font.

Especially I realized there were so many colors on the document. That made the document unsophisticated.

So, I set standard 3 colors for the document and changed it in the colors. When I finished it, I was pretty satisfied since it looked much sophisticated than before.

However, I started to worry that sales members would edit it without any rule again. As a result, I may have to do the same thing over and over ….

At least, I have to share the basic rule or editing guideline with sales members. But, I didn’t want to another page to it.

Finally, I found I could do something for this. I embedded the guideline into the master slide in the PowerPoint document.

I will tell sales members ” Before you edit the document, please check the editing guideline in the master slide and follow it”

I’m happy with this idea…hahaha (^_^)

That’s part of what I did today during work.


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