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Core Skill Training

We welcomed a new employee at Okinawa branch. He is a young guy.

I gave him a lecture called “Core Skill Training” via Skype from Tokyo office in this afternoon.


In the lecture, I covered basic logical thinking, how to make a logic tree, and how to utilize frameworks including 4P in marketing and SWOT analysis.

You may ask “why do a PR person like you give a lecture ?”

Well, it has a history. I joined the company as the first person launching Corporate Planning Division more than 4 years ago…

Since there was no training system in the company, I asked a professional training company to give series of lecture for more than 6 months.

At that time, the CEO required me to self-manufacture their lecture. So, I learned how they gave us to lecture and came to give a lecture instead of them….

So, when we have a new employee, I always give a lecture….I don’t remember how many times I gave it.

Since it took 1 and half hour and I had a 30 minutes meeting right after the lecture, my afternoon passed so fast…hahaha

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