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You are Wrong!

Currently, I am planning to open youtube channel of my company officially.

However, I need to change one clip about business summary before doing so.

Although my company bought TV mail-order business from another company and sold sports clothing business to another one in July last year, I didn’t change the clip.

An early animation in this clip was created by a design company.

To change it, I need an application to make it. But I assumed there was no application in my company…..

Anyway, I simply asked Mr.F, CTO(Chief Technical Officer ), about the application.

He answered to me with a big smile…

“Akuzawa san, you are wrong! You need to check a shared desktop PC!

All the new design applications are available there! ”

Therefore, I checked the PC and found they were available!

Also, I noticed that there was a professional version of Adobe Premier,a movie editing application. I’m using Adobe premier elements( a standard version). I would like to use the professional version definitely!

Now I understand that I can’t make excuse anymore. I need to undertake to make animation by myself….

However, I imagine that would be fun…although it seems I am forgetting how to make it….

Anyway, my day went well.


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