Noboru's Journal

Tender My Resignation

I sent a signed contract for the new job to my agent via email in the morning.

I got his reply before lunchtime. He said the human resource person of the company was really glad to hear I would join the company.
“Do you have time to talk? ” I said to Mr.Arai, the vice president after lunchtime.

Then, we went into a meeting room.

“I would like to resign from my current position as I have got a job offer from other company and plan to accept it,” I  said simply.

“Oh, Okay. I understood, Akuzawa-san ,” (which is my family name) Mr.Arai answered.



It seemed he was not surprised since I actually told him that I might leave the current company within a year last December.

“Though I’m sorry to hear that since we have been working so closely. And you will be missed. But, I know I must accept it.”

Then, we started to talk about who would take over my responsibilities.

I’m sure I will miss my coworkers in the current company.

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