Japanese Sentence Patterns

【JLPT N4★あげる(ageru) “to give”】

Meaning:to give

Japanese has two verbs for giving.
「あげる」 is the Japanese word for “to give” seen from the speaker’s point of view. You must use this verb when you are giving something or doing something for someone else.

あげる -> I give to you, you give to others, I give to others, somebody gives to somebody else
くれる -> Somebody gives me, you give me, somebody gives you

giver + は + receiver + に + noun + を + あげる

日本語 / にほんご / Japanese

英語 / えいご / English
(1)I’ll give this to you.
(2)I’ll give this to the teacher.
(3)I gave the present to my friend.
(4)The mother gave my younger brother a notebook.
(5)I have something to give you.
(6)I watered my flowers in the morning.

ひらがな / Hiragana

ローマ字 / Roman letters
(1) Watashi wa kore o anata ni ageru.
(2) Watashi wa kore o sensei ni ageru.
(3) Watashi wa tomodachi ni purezento o ageta.
(4) Haha wa otōto ni nōto o ageta.
(5 ) Anata ni ageru mono ga aru.
(6 ) Asa, hana ni mizu o ageta

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