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Commuting Time

I live near Tokyo and work in Tokyo.
That mean I need to commute from my house to my workplace.

It takes almost two hours on one way. Some people consider it as a kind of torture. But I don’t think so.

When I had two weeks vacation, I didn’t need to commute, of course.

However, I gained weight. Then, I realized commuting was a good exercise for me since I walk around 30 minutes on one way. That means I walk around an hour on round trip(?) or two ways.

After I spent a week, I felt something missing. I found my reading time dramatically decreased in the vacation time. Then, I realized commuting time on the train is nice reading time for me.

I changed companies in May this year. Commuting time at my previous company was 30 minutes shorter than that at the present company.

After getting a job offer, I hesitated to join it in the beginning. However, I realized that working time of the company (7 hours a day) is one hour shorter than that of the previous one (8 hours a day). The fact gave me a kick in the back to join the company. hahaha

Recently I enjoy long stories which have several volumes. Now I have been reading a historical saga with 8 volumes. I feel quite rich in time (not money hahaha).

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