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I once was a protagonist in a play.

Sometimes I feel that life is strange. I once became was a protagonist in a play.

I majored in creative writing at in the arts department in at a university in Tokyo. Then, I started dating in 1994 with a girl. She was the one-year junior one year behind me in school, and majored in creative writing as well.

I wrote a novel titled “Tokyo Penguin” in summer of 1996 when I was a junior. One of literary magazine editors read the novel and liked it. “Tokyo Penguin” was published in the magazine.

The My girlfriend read it and said to told me,
“I like this story and the penguin is cute. But I get jealous of your talent. I can’t finish writing a long novel like you did.”

However, she got an award of play-script from a famous theater company in fall of 1996. Then, she joined the theater company.

We somehow broke up next the following year.

After graduation from the university in 1998, I majored in creative writing at a master course of a graduate school. So, I continue to stay at the university (actually, I went to a doctorate course later). In 1999 she left the university since she graduated.

After a few years, I came to know she became a playwright. She provides an original play script to theatrical companies.

One day, I googled her name and found some information about her and her play scripts.

Her play scripts were played by a few theatrical companies. I found the information of the play script on a website by which she got an award.

I found my name ノボル ( Noboru) in the summary of the play script. Noboru is an immature guy who works as a curator at a Museum and tends to be lost in wild fancy. Definitely, Noboru was a main character in the story. Though I was a bit surprised, I was not interested in the detail of the story at that time. The incident was It occurred almost 10 years ago.

However, I suddenly remembered it and became curious about the detail of the story.
If I go to a museum for play-scripts, I may be able to find and can read it. However, the museum only opens during weekdays and doesn’t provide a database for searching. So, my curiosity is still dangling in the air…

*incident is usually used to refer a negative event

** “dating a girl” is good enough. It’s not necessary to say “girlfriend.”


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