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My Favorite Music

I used to listen to Jazz a lot when I was around 20 years old. I traveled to New Orleans, San Francisco, and New York to visit famous jazz houses in 1995. I even bought a second hands alto saxophone and practiced until coming back to Japan.

I enjoy many kinds of music except for opera, classic, and country …

Recently I tend to listen to pop music.

British and American Pops

Pet shop boys/ Maroon 5/ Train/Owl CIty/ Taylor Swift / Carly Rae Japsen


Sekai no Owari/ One OK Rock / World Order /Perfume/Flipper’s Guitar/ Bump of Chicken/Babymetal

I came to understand I like a soft male voice like Owl City, Pet Shop Boys, Sting, Sekai no Owari, and Flipper’s Guitar.

I came to listen to One OK Rock since several friends recommended. Now I like their music.

Sharing favourite music is fun. I will be happy if you share your favourite songs and musicians.


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