【JLPT N5★ これはいくらですか? Kore wa ikura desu ka? (How much is this?)】

これはいくらですか? Kore wa ikura desu ka?
You use this when you want to ask how much something costs in a store.

日本語 / Japanese
(1) これはいくらですか?
(2) このラーメンはいくらですか?
(3) この食べ物はいくらですか?
(4) あのたこ焼きはいくらですか?
(5) あのぼうしはいくらですか?

英語/ English
(1) How much is this?
(2) How much is this Ramen?
(3) How much is this food?
(4) How much is that Takoyaki?
(5) How much is that hat/cap?

ひらがな / hiragana
(1) これ は いくら ですか?
(2) この ラーメンは いくら ですか?
(3) この たべものは いくら ですか?
(4) あの たこやきは いくら ですか?
(5) あの ぼうしは いくら ですか?

How to read in Romanji
(1) Kore wa ikura desu ka.
(2) Kono râmen wa ikura desu ka.
(3) Kono Tabemono wa ikura desu ka.
(4) Ano Takoyaki wa ikura desu ka.
(5) Ano Bôsi wa ikura desu ka.

This & That – Japanese Pronouns (Yes Japanese)

これmeans “this.”それ means “that.” あれ means “that over there.” The word you are using to refer to an object will depend on where that object is located. If the object is near you but far away from your speaker, you should useこれ. If the object is far away from you but close to your listener, you should use それ. If the object is far away from both the speaker and listener, あれ is the best choice.


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