Japanese Sentence Patterns

Tofugu introduced the Japanese sentence patterns books as NEW JAPANESE LEARNING RESOURCES

Tofugu- A famous Japanese Culture & Language Blog- introduced the Japanese sentence patterns books N4&N5 as NEW JAPANESE LEARNING RESOURCES: OCTOBER 2018; THIS MONTH’S BEST TOOLS TO HELP YOU TO LEARN JAPANESE.

有名な日本語学習者向けサイトTofugu — A Japanese Culture & Language Blogの記事、NEW JAPANESE LEARNING RESOURCES: OCTOBER 2018 THIS MONTH’S BEST TOOLS TO HELP YOU TO LEARN JAPANESEの中で、僕の本が紹介されました。

At its core, his strategy is simple: treat Japanese grammar and sentences like a formula, put the formula in your head, and solidify it in your brain through repetition. You can achieve this through what Akuzawa calls the “Sentence Pattern Method” and the “Read Aloud Method.” This requires you to create a batch of Japanese sentences for your target grammar and repeat them aloud with self-checks fifteen times a day for four days.

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