Japanese Sentence Patterns

【Question★知っていますか(shitte imasuka)+ “Do you know…?”】

Do you know…?

noun+を知っていますか (do you know….?)
noun+について知っていますか(do you know about….?)

日本語 / にほんご / Japanese

ことばと表現 / Words & Expressions
知る【しる】to know
相撲【すもう】sumo wrestling

英語 / えいご / English
(1)Do you know that teacher’s name?
(2)Does he know my secret?
(3)Do we know the actor’s name?
(4)Do you know much about the company?
(5)Does his father know much about sumo wrestling?
(6)Does her mother know about Japanese movies?

ひらがな / Hiragana

ローマ字 / Roman letters
(1) Anata wa, ano sensei no namae o shitte imasu ka.
(2) Kare wa, watashi no himitsu o shitte imasu ka.
(3) Watashi tachi wa, sono haiyū no namae o shitte imasu ka.
(4) Anata wa, sono kaisha ni tsuite, yoku shitte imasu ka.
(5) Kare no otōsan wa, sumou ni tsuite, yoku shitte imasu ka.
(6) Kanojo no okāsan wa, Nihon no eiga ni tsuite shitte imasu ka.

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