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I work as a public relations manager for a company in Tokyo. I enjoy reading, ethnic food, and international exchange. One of my ambitions is to visit all Mexican restaurants in Tokyo.

Official Textbooks / paperback

Official Textbooks / ebook

  1. JLPT N5

    【JLPT N5★のがすき (no ga suki)” like /…
  2. Japanese Sentence Patterns

    【JLPT N3★上で (ue de): after】 
  3. Japanese Sentence Patterns

    【JLPT N1★ても差し支えない (temo sashitsukaenai):…
  4. JLPT N5

    【JLPT N5★ particle で (de)-1, “in,…
  5. JLPT N5

    【JLPT N5★な (na): Negative Command “…